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Dispersion Photoshop Action from sevenstyles is the latest in a long line of Photoshop activity templates. Sevenstyles claims this new action template”will get your imagination going” and provide you the chance to” create unique images ” with all the tools within the template. With more than 400 icons, this is among the best designed actions wallpapers you’ll find on the web today.

When I was looking for a good graphic design template I was not certain where to start. I’ve seen all of them on sites I frequent but found them to be too complex or just too boring. Seven Styles came to my rescue. These are some of the most effective graphic designs you’ll encounter. I especially love the way the” shapes ” are put up on the background.

For example, if you right click on an icon and choose properties, you will see a graphic of four rectangles arranged in a tile pattern. This bounding place will determine how the image is stretched.

Using the tile designs feature in this Dispersion Photoshop Action by sevenstyles I managed to produce a huge town scene with water flow over the sides. I used Photoshop Elements 9 to perform this. Using the toolbar, I generated a selection tool, then began dragging the rectangles into the picture space. After Dispersion Photoshop Action Pinterest extracting, I pulled the drop shadow effect onto the selected areas and pulled the water droplets out of this picture. I repeated this process until the picture had the look I wanted.

I have tried using Adobe Photoshop Elements as well, but I found it a little hard to create a graphic image using it that way. With this image, I could see how it would be a lot easier to create the water drops by using a tile pattern. Select the gradient option from Photoshop and then choose the water-drop pattern to duplicate. Then place the replicate below the area that you are interested in being exposed and used black to fill the space between the first and the duplicate.

Together with the Water Dispersion Photoshop Action by sevenstyles I was finally able to bring some depth to my images. The water drips on the floor once it has been splashed on the picture. It’s interesting to see how it looks as it drips onto the tile pattern. I think the water effect could be best implemented when I use an image adjustment to make the background of the water lighter than the image to provide depth. It’s a neat effect that I’ll continue to execute utilizing this water shedding Photoshop Action by seven styles techniques.

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