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A recent article in the New York Times Magazine brought about an interesting discussion about the question,’How a Photographer Became a Business Woman?’

When I had been twenty-one years old, I had a professional photography occupation. My boss was very encouraging, but at the time, I was really just a kid at heart, dreaming about the day I’d have the ability to quit my job and pursue photography full time. 1 day I asked my boss,”How can you get into the business?”

He told me that he had cofounded a company with two other guys, and the firm had numerous clients. The purpose of the story was that he and his partners would head out on the weekends and take random pictures for businesses whose owners were too cheap to purchase expensive photography gear. They were a ragtag group consisting largely of college kids, but they got some fantastic company done for the companies that hired them.

Following a year of doing so, they sold their companies and formed a company of their own. Elena and her spouse wound up with fifty-five pictures that they were going to submit to firms who would be choosing from the fifty-five photographs they’d taken. Their storyboard included an image of a gorgeous home with a white picket fence and a stooped old woman in a wheelchair moving through the lawn. They had decided to title the photograph,’ How a Photographer Changed Her Life’ How a Photographer Turned Her ( based on the end result of one photograph from the storyboard).

Elena and her storyboard partner revealed their portfolio to a few art directors, a lot of which happened to be well-known in the industry. The art directors liked the look of the photos, so they started contacting Elena and trying to work out a deal to license some of her photographs. Naturally, they wanted the price to be considerable, but they did not think it was foolish. Elena knew she was gifted, so she figured if she wanted to begin her own company in this field, she would do it by her. She contacted a number of her connections and told them about her new business. In a few months, she had been approached by several different art directors that offered to permit the photos she’d shot and cover her reasonable fee.

Elena’s husband took over running the company after a couple of months, but she continues to run the site also writes the featured article. She has to perform a lot of and shooting photos, but she has managed to scale down her company because she doesn’t have as much stuff anymore. And she actually loves her pictures. She informs her friends all the time that she feels like she’s making a difference in people’s lives by turning them into works of art. Provided that she continues to compose and create her photography, she figures she’ll never be fulfilled.

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