Faculty of Agriculture & Rural Development

The Faculty offers the following degree programmes;
i) B. Sc Sustainable Agriculture
ii) B.Sc Agribusiness Management

1) Department of Agronomy

The Department runs courses in soil science and crop science.
Academic Staff

  • Dr. C. Brempong-Yeboah – B.Sc, M.Sc, D. Agr. MBA
    Position: Senior Lecturer
    Specialization: Entomology and Crop Protection
  • Dr. P. M Norshie – B.Sc, M.Sc, Ph.D.
    Position: Lecturer
    Specialization: Nematology, Crop Science and Crop Protection

2) Department of Animal Science

The Department offers courses in animal production science and meat science.
Academic Staff

  • Mr. J. Naandam – B.Sc, M.Phil
    Position: Senior Lecturer
    Specialization: Animal Breeding
  • Mrs S. Boateng Ampadu nee Acheampong – B.Sc, M.Phil
    Position: Assistant Lecturer
    Specialization: Livestock Production, Meat Science
  • Mr. J. Matey – B.Sc, M.Sc
    Position: Assistant Lecturer
    Specialization: Animal Nutrition

3) Department of Horticulture

4) Department of Agriculture Economics and Extension